The zozo demon

Weither the zozo demon is real or not, Ouiji board users have reported making contact with an animal like entity named zozo come through on their board sessions, to some users he is a minor annoyance, but others say he is a deadly predator that is out to cause them harm.

What is the zozo demon?

The zozo demon is a demon that has been documented since the 1800’s, he is a three headed dog demon that guards the gates of hell. Each of his three mouths are very sharp fangs. Zozo typically attaches his unsuspecting self to Ouiji board users. Ouiji board users believe that once he arrives and attaches himself to you, it can take weeks or even months before he leaves. The zozo demon is also very intelligent and intuitive, much in the same way as a regular dog, and he will do everything in his power to trick those who have summonf him in, in order to attach his essence to their being. People claim that zozo is lucifer himself.